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Structures & Large Tents!

When you need a substantial amount of space, our ClearSpan structure, large Century pole tent, or bigger frame tents are the perfect solution.

ClearSpan structure tents offer a spacious, obstruction-free interior in 20-meter (66 feet) and 40-meter (132 feet) widths and lengths up to 886 feet.

Century pole tents have sweeping peaks and a classic, elegant look, at up to 120-feet in width and 580-feet in length. Their large center poles can be used to hold jumbotron screens, lights or other A/V equipment.

Frame tents up to 40 feet in width and almost unlimited length are much like the ClearSpan structure tent in that they have no center poles. One of the best features of a frame tent is that is can be installed in locations where staking cannot occur such as on cement or granite, and on sites where the owner will not allow staking (including City parks and other public land).


The ClearSpan structure, large Century pole, and frame tents are perfect for:

College/University commencements
Fairgrounds and festivals
Temporary space for disaster relief
Commercial warehouse space
Trade shows and expos
Golf clubs and golf courses
Seasonal space for hotels, function halls or other venues
Yacht clubs
Social events and galas